The Merseyside Chapter

It has been a while since my last post, and my wife (yes, a wedding happened in Spring 2016!) has encouraged me to post on here again.

As of September 2016, I left Donald Insall Associates to undertake my RIBA Part II accredited Masters. For this, I have embarked on the postgraduate course at the University of Liverpool School of Architecture.

Before going into the details of the course and university, it is worth mentioning that my experience at Donald Insall Associates was excellent. I had the opportunity to work across each stage of the RIBA Plan of Work: (For the non-architects, that means I did a lot!) From working on a brief with clients, to procuring contractors, overseeing construction and even handing over a finished project. I have learned that conservation may not be what  I want to pursue forever, but it has been a fulfilling experience and valuable learning curve. I remain passionate about existing buildings and maintain that developing brownfield sites is best. I will be forever grateful to the Insall family – especially those in Chester.

I still live in Chester and am experiencing the joy of the commute to University (so far). Although most people don’t like commuting, the train journey from Chester to Liverpool gives me the opportunity to see a spectrum of very different towns, cities and buildings.

A highlight of the commute is walking past the 2014 Stirling Prize winner, the Everyman Theatre, daily and seeing how it adapts to the seasons and the weather. Keep an eye on the twitter feed for images!

I promise to post again soon with examples of my M(Arch) work. Stay tuned.



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