3rd Year Countdown

The 10 day countdown starts today marking when 3rd Year officially kicks in. Certainly nerves are beginning to mount as the stories and rumours from previous architecture students begin to surface. Will there be any form of life balance this year? The honesty is, architecture is multidisciplinary; the world influences architecture. If you don’t experience other things, how can they impact your designs? Or perhaps that’s just optimism talking…

One known factor ahead of this potentially challenging year is that we will have to write a dissertation. This 10,000 word document, surprisingly, isn’t phasing me, in fact, I’m looking forward to it. I think there are some key questions to be asked regarding the future of this industry and the dissertation is a good place to begin that process. Although I haven’t formally begun writing anything just yet, I have started to collate information and develop some questions such as:

-why do people use architects?

-how do people view architecture today?

-what do people feel architects should be used for? (particularly interesting in the case of the WikiHouse project)

These primary questions are admittedly quite vague but hopefully from here we can begin to challenge the answers to the questions and start to focus the investigation down. One of the things I have already come across is a new series based around building your own house… okay so nothing revolutionary, we’ve all seen grand designs, but with a budget of £100k in quite a difficult and expensive British climate, can using an architect save you that money? Here is an interview on BBC breakfast with the architect and presenter.


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