Research Opportunity

At the end of the academic year (my second uni year for those keeping count), I applied for and got a research internship with Flora Samuel (Head of School at the time). This was big exciting stuff!

The internship involved SCHOSA (Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture), Sheffield School of Architecture and the RIBA. Working under the supervision of Laura Coucill and Flora Samuel, I was set the task of creating a searchable document which displays all the current research and researchers at each school of architecture in the country. The idea behind this is part of a bigger movement that Flora is pushing for in terms of connecting architectural practices and research at universities. University-based-research offers innovation and experimentation into the unknown, the findings of which, could massively impact architecture as an industry.

This internship gave me the opportunity to visit the RIBA Headquarters. This again was a whole new experience. So many times you hear of the RIBA within the school, yet the realisation that you can actually go there never really sank in. In fact, I think that must have been apparent as I crept through the front door rather overwhelmed, which made the receptionist wonder why I was there. Though it felt good to say I had an appointment with Anne Dye – The head of research at the RIBA.

Shortly after the meeting I was invited to visit AHMM for a meeting. I had never stepped foot in an architect’s office so big before! It was a hive of activity offering amazing views of the London cityscape between rows of models and awards. You can check these guys out here (I’d recommend it!)

Back to the internship… I spent about 6 weeks compiling information and contacting some of the highest academics in architecture. The information collated was then sent to the RIBA graphic design team (so it’s gonna look good!) and will be launched at the start of October in Sheffield. So watch this space!


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