Project 4.3 – Housing

After the lead up projects, in which we studied aspects of housing, I think we all knew that the mighty task was going to be based around designing some form of housing… I think what we hadn’t realised was the fact that housing is actually something which is very difficult to design. I suppose if you think about it for a second, the main reason is obvious: Housing is a very subjective thing.

But before we get there, let’s start at the very beginning. In a similar way to the previous projects, we were split into groups for site analysis. The sites themselves were situated throughout the beautiful city of York. Aside from the measurements we had to take, we also tried to get a feel for the city as a whole. This was done in a rather creative way which was probably another strong idea from the incredibly talented head of year Simon Chadwick. The idea was to encourage everybody to create their own Postcard representing the first feel of the city.PostcardsHaving completed the site analysis sections soon after, we began to think a little more about the sites… Extra considerations such as views, bus routes, cycle routes and tourism routes were the kind of things we brought up. Obviously, these were all things to consider in the designs.

Site ViewsSo my site was situated next to the City Wall, North East from the Minster. This created some interesting view points and challenging privacy issues from the tourism from the wall.

The brief asked for 6-8 houses for 2 different demographics. Consequently, I went for First time buyers and family housing and perhaps on reflection, this was a bit too safe – however, with the average house price in York at around the £220,000 mark, there was relatively little for first time buyers to choose from. On top of the housing, I decided to include a cycle hire shop as an extension to the existing bike shop on the street, tying the whole development together.

York and Cycling

It’s worth mentioning that most peoples’ designs, mine included, changed dramatically about half way through the process this time. This was due to a trip to Amsterdam – more on that later!

Below are the final sections. This project, time caught me out and meant that I wasn’t as happy with the final drawings overall so I’m only going to post the sections. I’ve definitely realised it’s the communication of ideas that I struggle with. Fortunately, Bob Blundell of 3xa Design offered a friendly chat to talk through this worry. He really is a very patient and understanding tutor with some brilliant ideas especially around the small details. Afterall, it’s all in the details! Anyway, it’s thanks to him that I produced these sections and perspectives.

Sections Finished



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