Project 2 – The Cycle Hire Scheme

Okay, so it’s been a while, but finally here we are… Project 2 in all it’s glory…

So the brief outlined a cycle hire scheme with storage up to 80 bikes, on what can only be described as a beautiful site. Set outside of Sheffield, it turned out to be just inside the Peak District National Park and on the main cycle routes for the area. This allows for a great HQ for a cycle hire scheme.


What can’t be seen from the photograph is a small river at the base of the site which meant we had to consider flooding at some level.

So using precedents such as Saunders Architects I began looking at minimal, raw and crisp designs. Using standard geometry as to not detract from the beauty of the site.

Early Idea

This was an early design sketch.

From here I worked strongly on the concept for the project, looking at having a small village for bikes almost. It was to be a hub, a meeting point. A place where people could come to discuss their experiences and  negotiate routes. The spaces in between would become the suggestions for routes.


And this was perhaps the problem, this really became the driving force for the project. It was too much about the community, about knowledge transfer with its unique features that it began to stray away from the idea for just a cycle hire scheme.

At least, this would be a cycle hire scheme like no other…

Long SectionClick on the image and you can see the final scheme at a larger size.


3 thoughts on “Project 2 – The Cycle Hire Scheme

  1. Nice to see another post after a while of quietness! I love how the different perspectives of the site captured in the sketches, give an overall feeling of what the space might be like in reality. I wish I could walk right into the heart of the drawings and experience the cycling initiative for myself!

  2. P.s. loving the new blog design and cover image…section of the Berlin Wall?

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