CAD + Cycling = Crackin’ Combo!


So one of the essential skills that architects have a love/hate relationship with is CAD. Computer Aided Design is seen to be a requirement these days in architecture firms. Naturally, it is something that is emphasised throughout the course here in Sheffield with workshops running every year and a module dedicated to it. Vectorworks is the software of choice here, perhaps an unusual decision when the leading CAD software is AutoCAD, however, Vectorworks is fast becoming one of the most complete and accessible CAD systems so I am lead to believe…
So sticking with cycling, we were shown how to create a bike frame in our workshop and I have to admit I’m impressed! In about one hour I created this through the carefully considered instructions from Jules – seriously one of the most lovely, helpful and patient guys I have ever met! In terms of coping with CAD patience is required in abundance!  I think a little read of Romans 5:4, ‘perseverance produces character, and character; hope.’ is essential before undergoing any form of CAD however, like I said, this exercise was even an enjoyable one; perhaps there is hope after all!

2 thoughts on “CAD + Cycling = Crackin’ Combo!

  1. I appreciate you giving Jules a plug – you are not alone in appreciating his qualities!

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