What’s Occurring?

Found a few more things to share in relation to the ‘world of architecture’ or perhaps more accurately, my journey through it 🙂
Firstly Create Play which is run by some graduates from the SSoA (Sheffield School of Architecture). This new innovative journey is one which looks at a project in Bulgaria. It’s a very community/people focussed project which I think is crucial to any Architectural Innovation. They say;
“We aim to design and construct a sensory play-space suitable for both disabled and non-disabled children located within a mainstream nursery in Bulgaria. The project aims to aid the integration of the school’s first ever intake of disabled children.”
To find out more (which I really encourage you to do once their webby is up and running, see here: Create Play
The next innovations were brought to me by my wonderful Girlfriend whose blog has much encouraged me of late. You can read it here. I think its a beautifully descriptive and well put together adventure record in a foreign city. It reminds me very much of Calvino’s Invisible Cities. 
First of all here is a blog similar to this one in the sense it maps a proces through an iterative architectural process. It’s certainly an interest read and hopefully as inspiring to you as it is to me! Here is the link: Dissection of Form
Finally! The World’s Skinniest House! This project looks at a dwelling with a very minimal amount of space! A new way of looking into inner city dwellings! Perhaps this isnt for everyone…well its probably appealing to very few people…however, it looks at (I think) a very playful and interesting new way of utilising the little space that we have in cities… How practical would it be? Well only time will tell…

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