The wood, the clad; the ugly

Back home in Lancaster to see another new block of flats being constructed on the one way system. One can’t help but wonder what were they thinking?
On the face of it perhaps more flats closer to the city centre would be a positive thing for Lancaster, afterall it would boost the student satisfaction. Yet with Lancaster having such a high rate of proactive citizens, you can’t help but feel that they have been cheated here. Having fought off the invasion of the Centros Miller Consumerist take over, it’s really difficult to see how something that is such an eye sore is allowed to be constructed on the main one way system into town. Visually the building is poor, but perhaps more worrying is the fact the planners seemingly didn’t think when designing. The left facade shows that there are windows that are blocked by a wall that is less than 1m away. You really get the impression this really is a rushed, not thought through project, which ultimately, is the last thing Lancaster needs. All in all, I find the new addition displeasing both at a visual and at a deeper level. If development like this continues here, I honestly believe Lancaster will lose its soul. Lancaster has the reputation for vibrance; for a buzz; for a diverse mix of talented people and I just hope we can begin to reject external companies from intruding and extracting that level of character.

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