My Manifesto

The first written assignment was an essay which highlights 7 crucial points you think architecture should be and that you intend to pursue when working towards your degree here. We were required to use examples mainly from the interesting lecture series run by Flora Samuel (one of her many great articles can be found here: who is probably one of the most influential architects I have met.
Here you can read my work in response to the task: Manipulating People: How Architecture Affects the Senses

2 thoughts on “My Manifesto

  1. Your journey through Architecture seems fun and exciting! Especially from a third point of view, it seems that you have been doing a lot of experimentation through your projects! I’m engaged to ask, what feedback did you get for your manifesto?

    1. Hi there,

      Yes it’s certainly a great journey and very thought provoking. Loving being in an ever changing environment. As it happens the manifesto did okay thanks though it was just good to be able to develop a personal response and emphasise your own opinions…

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