A Space for Contemplation

This was the first individual project that we had been assigned, having said this, site surveying was done in groups, something which I think could be essential for future projects. By allowing a group to conduct a site survey, it is possible to go into greater detail which benefits everybody.
One of the crucial aspects of this project was how the concept could correspond to the site. Our site had a steep slope and looked over a naturally beautiful parkland – incorporating that into a design that encourages contemplation would be key.
My first steps involved trying to define what contemplation actually is; just mere relaxing or was there more to it than that? Then I folllowed a variety of different routes before landing on my final concept idea.
Nature and journeying would be a crucial part to my design, with the idea of getting lost in beautiful surroundings encouraging you to be reflective. A winter hideaway and a summer floating garden, yet this concept was always going to be fundamentally flawed. It was only afterwards that I realized how wrong I had been by going down this specific route. A design that encourages dark, intimidating spaces and that involves two conflicting ideas. All in all, this project was a wake up call to be much more conscientious when designing.

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