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This project began in our usual 6-people groups developing a concept from our assigned material. For us it was metal, which may on the one hand seem like an easy option, but when faced with resourcing recycled material, it did not feel like an easy option. Part of the problem is of course the fact that metal retains quite a high scrap value.
However, thanks to some useful negotiations with scrap dealers in town, and a skip raid or two, we were able to supply enough materials to begin playfully designing through modelling. After experimenting for a few days, the two groups assigned the same material would pitch against each other in front of the rest of the year. Not surprisingly, our concept lost the competition, however, we were quite happy to get stuck into helping and bringing our own ideas to the other group’s design.
The concept evolved slowly but by the final day we were ready for review. The difference in this project that made this the most exciting project of all was the fact we had built the concept and it had to be interactive with the public in Sheffield town centre. We got a great response throughout the day and after review, were able to rapidly disassemble the installation for scrap.
The whole process was recorded here: http://matter-reality-metal.blogspot.com/

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