The Merseyside Chapter

It has been a while since my last post, and my wife (yes, a wedding happened in Spring 2016!) has encouraged me to post on here again. As of September 2016, I left Donald Insall Associates to undertake my RIBA Part II accredited Masters. For this, I have embarked on the postgraduate course at the University of […]

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So, just before coming back to Uni, a few friends and I entered our first competition. We gave ourselves 2 weeks to communicate ideas and produce our project from the brief of playscapes, which essentially looked at turning a mundane and perhaps forgotten space into something a bit more fun. The competition was run by Building […]

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3rd Year Countdown

The 10 day countdown starts today marking when 3rd Year officially kicks in. Certainly nerves are beginning to mount as the stories and rumours from previous architecture students begin to surface. Will there be any form of life balance this year? The honesty is, architecture is multidisciplinary; the world influences architecture. If you don’t experience […]

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